Bed Problem – Solved

Half A Bed
Desperate times calls for desperate measures

The bed problem was solved by cutting the beds in half and reassembling them upstairs with pre-drilled metal plates and plenty of screws. Job done!

A Week and A Bit

It’s been a hectic week and a bit. Nine days ago we packed about half our furniture and belongings (including new beds, sofa and chairs) onto a Luton van in North Wales and 48 hours later we were unloading them into our house in Badefols-D’Ans.

The removals went pretty smoothly, thanks in main to the assistance we had both loading and unloading the van. We couldn’t have done it without some muscle. In the end we were able to load everything in an hour and unload in 2 hours. The company we used was European Moving; they were very friendly and efficient and, while these things ain’t cheap, they were reasonably priced for a full 20m3 van load. We were also able to pay them in Euros which suited our circumstances.

Most of the last week has been spent tearing up and down to Brive-la-Gaillarde for everything from a fridge-freezer to a draining board. Of course a new Nespresso machine was one of our first purchases. The white goods should be delivered tomorrow and it’ll be good to have somewhere to keep things cool in again.

Not everything’s been plain sailing. One of our biggest headaches has been the new single beds (2 of) we shipped over from the UK for our guests to sleep on. They proved too big to get up the stairs to the guest room! So our poor guests are currently just sleeping on mattresses (which did go up the stairs) whilst the bed bases wait to be dismantled, taken upstairs and reassembled. Much of the last week has been spent agonizing over doing a “break-fix” on brand new beds.