It’s been a very pleasant week here with plenty¬†of warm autumn sunshine. As that’s likely to change from tomorrow I took a walk around the village at lunchtime to take in the autumn atmosphere. Here are a few photos from our beautiful village of Badefols-D’Ans.

Flower Power

It’s funny how simple differences between countries and cultures can trip you up.

ChrysanthemumsThis October we’ve been impressed with the huge sales of chrysanthemums in all the supermarkets. Even marquees full of them in the car parks. Huge tubs of brilliant bright blooms. Well, we love¬† chrysanthemums, so at the weekend we bought a huge tub and set it proudly on our kitchen window sill for all to see.

It was only last night that we discovered that ‘mums in France are associated with the dead. The French buy then at the end of October and, on All Saints Day (1st November) they take them to the cemetries to decorate the graves of family and friends. Ooooops!

Needless to say, we’ve removed our display from the window sill!