Spring At Last

After, what people have told us, was the worst winter in 20 years, and spring is here at last. Yesterday was fabulous, and the first day with the temperature topping 20C.

The countryside is beginning to wake up too. Buds are bursting on all the trees, kites are becoming a familiar sight in the skies and the first cuckoo’s were heard over the Easter weekend.

Each week I visit Excidueil for my French lesson. This small town has plenty of interesting architecture and links to the templars. Here’s a few pictures from the town.

Part of the Templars' stronghold

Templars' stronghold

Excidueil chateaux

Street scene

Excidueil chateaux

Very Hot 

Anyone who knows me will know I’m a bit of a weather nut. So I was delighted today to see the temperature peak in the 40s for the first time. 40.8C to be precise. 

Now it’s 9.30pm and were sitting out in a balmy breeze enjoying a beer. What a great life. 

Mixed Weather

The last couple of days the weather has been lovely with temperatures into the mid-’30s today (34.9C) . However, it’s been a bit of a mixed bag the last couple of weeks and not as warm as you’d expect in the Dordogne in August. Here are a few images to illustrate the mixed weather bag we’ve been experiencing