A Few Firsts

A few firsts today:

  1. First time to visit the Corrèze departement
  2. First time to visit the city of Brive la Gaillarde (well, the outskirts)
  3. First time to visit Mr Bricolage
  4. First time to eat in Flunch

Brive la Gaillarde is our nearest decent sized city with loads of retail opportunities. The visit to Mr Bricolage was principally to look at wallpapers and we’ve got a few likely candidates picked out for the kitchen and sitting room.

We also picked up some cleaning stuff so after our lunch at Flunch we headed back to the house and began the job of cleaning up. The house has just been used as a holiday home for many years and hasn’t been lived in for some time. So you can imaging there’s a bit of cleaning to be done.